comcrypto MXG

MXG made by comcrypto is an e-mail gateway that provides complete encryption for outgoing e-mails.

The encryption of the e-mails follows an elaborate set of rules: It examines the contained e-mail addresses and then decides, if the e-mail is to be encoded via end-to-end encryption or one-way encryption.

Thereby, MXG safeguards the communication between both partners that are already connected cryptographically and receivers which get e-mails from the sender for the first time. With the launch of MXG which can take place within a few days, users are able to encrypt their outgoing communication entirely. Independent of the chosen encryption method, security according to the EU data protection ordinance is provided immediately.

For the transition phase in which former solutions are used and partners use encryption based on PGP or S/MIME, respectively, it is possible to supplement MXG with modules to temporarily process encryptions used and made by old technologies.

Furthermore, MXG is the starting point for a possible roadmap that leads from complete encryption of the sender's e-mails over to encryption of the communication of specific employees (personal security) right up to a terminal-comprehensive encryption. That means that the same encrypted e-mail can be read from all terminal devices of the user.

MXG contains the established technology made by comcrypto, characterized by algorithm stacking, dynamic identity check and Perfect Forward Secrecy (one-time key principle)..

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