comcrypto MXG – e-mail gateway for enterprises

The comcrypto Mail Exchange Gateway (MXG) is an e-mail gateway for the EU-GDPR-compliant protection of your outgoing e-mail communication with minimal effort for you and your communication partners.


  • Real-time overview of the security status of your e-mail delivery
  • Completely EU-GDPR-compliant protection of your outgoing e-mail communication
  • If possible, usage of available security technologies (trusted TLS encryption, according to criteria defined by BSI – German Federal Office for Information Security) of the receiving e-mail server
  • If necessary, automatic password encryption of the outgoing e-mail (subject, content, attachment), as a comcrypto HTML container


  • Automatically secure e-mail delivery (according to EU-GDPR) without activities of the e-mail senders
  • Minimization of interruptions in the e-mail workflow of the recipients
  • Transparency about the current security level of outgoing e-mails and associated receiving servers
  • No installation of client software or plugins required
  • Pay-per-use only - no license or maintenance costs, no hardware investment


  • Protection of every outgoing e-mail without any exception
  • Valuation of the available transport security (TLS) with receiving e-mail servers
  • Automatic selection of the best encryption technology regarding the efforts of the receiver
  • Live monitoring of the confidentiality of e-mail communication with partners and customers

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